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What is the shear strength of 1/4" steel 90* angled steel?

Posted: 2/15/2013 8:59:25 PM

I m trying to lift a 4 ton shed with a crane and need a 90* angled steel to support the strap, because there is no support running the long way at the very bottom (only the short way). Will the 1/4" 90* angled steel be sufficient for this lift?


Unfortunately, you have not provided enough information to answer your question. In general, there are several analyses that you must do:

1. Assuming that the 90* angle bracket is bolted to something, you must do a bearing analysis of the hole, and a tensile analysis of the area around the hole with the Kt of the hole included.

2. You need to do a tensile strain calculation at the corner of the bracket to make sure that you don't near the elastic limit of the material.

3. You need to ensure that your load path provides a minimum of eccentricity near the attachment point so that you don't have out of plane bending of the bracket.

The following additional information needs to be provided as well:
Alloy and heat treat of the bracket (for strength and stiffness).
Dimensions of the bracket (including holes)
How many brackets total are supporting the load?

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